Electric tandem roller	 RD28e

Electric tandem roller RD28e: Comfortable, efficient, and emission-free

The RD28e has an electrically driven vibration and/or oscillation unit. As a result, compaction works can be performed emission-free without cutting corners in terms of performance. The three-point articulated joint ensures an equal weight distribution with optimal maneuverability and operational stability. The operator benefits from intuitive operation, as well as the extensive view of the compaction area. The compact dimensions make the RD28e an all-rounder for the construction site.

Wacker Neuson tandem rollers edge work

Large curb clearance

  • The overhang over the edge of the drum begins very high up allowing for compaction to take place right to the edge of higher walls. This allows for a wider range of applications and greater efficiency.

More Features

Tandem roller RD18 studio image front and side

Compact design

  • The compact design allows a high level of maneuverability in tight space, resulting in faster work.
Fold-Down ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) Wacker Neuson tandem rollers studio image

Fold-down ROPS bar

  • The ROPS bar folds down to allow for compact transport and storage dimensions. This saves time and expense.
  • By folding down the ROPS bar, the spectrum of applications expands, because the roller can also pass under low clearances. This makes it possible for use in the inner courtyards of buildings, etc.

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