WP Series

Single-direction vibratory plates WP

Single-direction vibratory plates WP: compaction pros

The WP vibratory plate series are the high-performance pros for the compaction of asphalt and light mixed soils as well as compacting over interlocking paving stones. Because of the center-mounted control handle and specially shaped base plate, the WP plates can be easily maneuvered and turned. The heavy-duty design is ideally suited for professional use when compacting mixed soil subbases, walkways, roads and parking lots and for asphalt finishes. Using the wheel set (accessory), the WP plates can be easily moved around the job site by one person.

Frame protecion vibratory plate WP1150Aw

Sturdy protective frame for engine and water tank

  • The durable protective frame protects the engine and water tank from damage. This saves repair costs.
  • The tubular frame can also be used as a control handle when operating the machine sideways, which is ideal for compaction along edges.

More Features

Single-direction vibratory plates WP

High travel speed

  • The high travel speed ensures high productivity.

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