Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58: Powerful, comfortable and safer

Full speed ahead: The ET58 mini excavator combines proven technology with a large dose of innovation to become a champion in the 5-6-metric-ton class. It has the usual high lifting and digging forces as well as fast work cycles. Thanks to the latest technologies, emissions have been reduced and efficiency has been increased at the same time. The powerful engine meets the Stage 5 emission standards. The excavator also makes an impression in terms of user-friendliness. Work is easy and comfortable due to the intuitive operating concept and the excellent view of the working area.

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58

3-point kinematics

  • With 3-point kinematics, the conventional bucket linkage has been taken to a new level. This "3-bolt" design extends the bucket's angle of rotation to 200 degrees - 10% more than conventional bucket linkage. This increases the vertical dig depth as well as the digging forces. This eliminates the need to reposition the excavator as often, significantly increasing efficiency.
Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58

Load Sensing Flow Sharing

  • Load Sensing Flow Sharing enables precise and efficient control of the excavator. The machine adjusts to the load and the joystick movements are always kept the same for the operator.
  • The hydraulics work more efficiently, saving energy and ultimately costs. But it also makes operation easier for the operator.
  • Load-sensing systems help to regulate the flow rate according to demand. The less power is used, the lower the fuel consumption.

More Features

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58

Hose guidance by swiveling bracket

  • Optimum hose routing through the swiveling bracket provides the best possible protection for the hoses against external influences, which extends their service life. The field of vision is not restricted and abrasion of the hoses is significantly reduced.
Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58

Auto-stop function

  • To avoid unnecessary diesel consumption, or to reduce the operating hours of the machine, it is possible for the operator to activate the Auto-Stop function. This reduces fuel consumption and protects the environment. Furthermore, unnecessary operating hours and service costs are avoided, and as a result the resale value of the machine is increased.
Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58

Jog dial

  • The jog dial system, familiar from the automotive area, including a clear display, allows intuitive selection of the right operating settings via a press-push button as well as various settings via a keypad. ECO mode is the standard mode for efficient and fuel-saving work; HI mode stands for maximum pump performance and fast, powerful work and LOW mode for extremely precise, sensitive work.
Compact dimensions

Compact dimensions

  • High level of safety during transportation, cost and time savings. The excavator scores points with a low entry height and reduced external dimensions due to the intelligent component arrangement, providing higher stability thanks to the low center of gravity.
  • Whether during transportation or in tight spaces: thanks to its compact design, the excavator can easily be taken to your next job site. And on the construction site, the machine can maneuver anywhere easily and quickly, even in confined spaces - for high efficiency in every application.
Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58

7-inch display and rear-view camera

  • The large, multi-functional 7-inch color display ensures a perfect overview of all the machine's functions, as well as the respective camera images.  The rearview camera enables safer reversing of the excavator. In addition, the view of the machine is better when it is rotated.
Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58

AUX pressure relief

  • When the function is activated, the auxiliary control circuits AUX I / AUX II are depressurized via a valve. This facilitates the connection of hydraulic attachments. Tools can also be attached while the engine is running by means of a pressure release.
Tracked Conventional Excavator ET58

Windshield wiper motor integrated in A-pillar

  • The wiping direction from top to bottom provides better cleaning, while the new positioning of the motor in the A-pillar and its cabling prevent any restriction of visibility.

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