DPS Series

Wacker Neuson single direction vibratory plate DPS2050.

Single-direction vibratory plates DPS: Powerful and versatile on all surfaces

The DPS single-direction vibratory plate provides powerful compaction results on soil and asphalt and is ideally suited for use on on top and base layers. It was designed for tough, long-term application on the construction site. The diesel engine, equipped with large power reserves, the wear-resistant base plate from ductile graphite iron (GJS 700), we well as the maintenance-free and durable exciter bearing all contribute to the plate's long life and durability. The easy to reach throttle lever and vibration damped guide handle offer a high degree of operating comfort.

Handle Single Direction Vibratory Plate

Wide, ergonomic handle

  • The lift handle in front on the base plate has space for two hands so the machine can be lifted comfortably by several persons. This offers a high level of ergonomics when transporting the machine.
Paving stone protection pad

Paving pad device easy to mount

  • The paving pad device can be mounted quickly and easily, as it is simply just hooked in front onto the base plate and tightened with nuts.
  • The paving pad device protects the paving stones from damage when vibrating.

More Features

Illustration low hand-arm vibrations (HAV)

Low hand-arm vibration

  • The low hand-arm vibration values (< 5 m/s²) enable comfortable work.
  • The machine contributes only a small amount to the operator’s daily vibration exposure. He may work a full eight hour with the unit
  • The utilization of the machine and the productivity of the employees are increased.
Base plate battery-operated plate AP1840e studio image

Base plate made of nodular cast iron (GJS700)

  • The base plate consists of very sturdy, durable material, thus reaching a long service life.
  • The high grade material of the base plate contributes to producing perfect surface quality in asphalt compaction.

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