Light (0-300 kg)

Light-weight reversible vibratory plates 0 - 300 kg

Light-weight reversible vibratory plates 0 - 300 kg: Excellent compaction results in the tightest spaces

The lightweight reversible vibratory plates are powerful and versatile making them ideal for base preparation, gardening, landscaping and maintenance work on streets, roads and parking lots. The Wacker Neuson vibratory plates in the 25-37 kN class come equipped with a sturdy, integrated wheel set. This unique feature provides mobility on the construction site. Well though-out design make them the ideal compaction machine for professional applications.

Integrated wheel set vibratory plate BPU3750Ats

Integrated wheel set

  • The vibratory plate has durable integrated transport wheels. This makes moving the machine on the job site easier. This saves time during the construction process.

More Features

Reversible vibratory plate DPU3050H compacting paving stones

High surface performance

  • High compaction performance combined with a fast travel speed gives the vibratory plate a high surface performance, making it extremely efficient.
Illustration economic efficiency

Very good accessibility to all maintenance points

  • The unit offers good accessibility to all maintenance points. This saves time and costs during maintenance.

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