EW65 mobile excavator excavating a pipe trench in the filed

Wheeled Excavator EW65: power and speed

With a Wacker Neuson EW65 wheeled excavator, an operator can easily jump in the cab and head to the job site. The machine's road travel mode helps reduce time- and cost-intensive transport, while the variable drive system has a low rate of fuel consumption. With just one pedal to operate, the EW65 drives almost like a car. But it's a highly capable excavator, too.  The powerful load-sensing hydraulic system (LUDV) ensures the same speed for several boom movements with different loads. With proportional control auxiliary hydraulics and a triple boom, the EW65 offers smooth work with attachments and an excellent digging range.

Wheeled Excavator EW65

Intuitive operating concept

  • The intuitive operating concept enables simple and comprehensive control of the excavator. The machine is operated using a joystick, jog dial and keypad. This makes accessing attachment and oil level settings for the additional control circuits quick and easy.
Wheeled Excavator EW65

Triple boom

  • The articulated or "triple" boom provides greater maneuverability and, therefore, greater freedom of motion. The additional joint permits the bucket to be pulled right up to the travel gear or the dozer blade. Ideal when narrow spaces need to be accessed or an obstacle has to be moved out of the way. The excavator also features a greater dump height and even greater digging depth.

More Features

Studio photo EW65 with outriggers from the side, photographed from behind

Individual support versions

  • Stable footing is essential, especially during heavy excavation work or in difficult ground conditions. For support, operators can use a dozer blade or support stabilizers – in front, the rear, or in any combination.
Wheeled Excavator EW65

Closed driving circuit

  • The closed driving circuit provides simple operation with just one drive pedal and allows for infinitely variable speed from 0 to 30 km/h/18.6 mph without the need to change gears.
Wheeled Excavator EW65

Heated seat

  • When temperatures outside are low, the heated seat creates a comfortable working environment for the operator. In addition, the air-cushioned seat ensures increased driving comfort.
Wheeled Excavator EW65

Speed regulation system

  • The speed regulation system automatically maintains the speed of the machine where possible, provided it is activated. This way, the operator doesn’t have to concentrate on his speed and can enjoy the comfort of automation.
  • Ideal for municipal work such as mowing, milling and mulching.
Wheeled Excavator EW65

Easy service and maintenance access

  • Easy service, thanks to wide-opening engine hood, allows easy access to all parts.
  • No disassembly of heavy parts necessary, additional easily replaceable wear parts.
  • Quick and unrestricted access. Hydraulic and engine oil filters, air filter, water separator and also the tank filler neck are ideally accessible. Low service costs.
Wheeled Excavator EW65

Elaborately equipped comfort cab

  • The ergonomically optimized operator's cab ensures maximum operating comfort. In addition, an offset arm position, various windshield positions, a sunshade and a large skylight provide optimal visibility. Numerous other equipment options, such as heated seats, automatic air conditioning, a rearview camera with 7-inch display and an air-cushioned operator's seat help to make the workplace even more comfortable.
  • The height and tilt of the steering wheel can be adjusted and can thus be adapted to any operator individually and quickly.

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