Tracked Conventional Excavator  ET24

Tracked Conventional Excavator ET24: The generalist of its class

The ET24 combines the advantages of the lighter weight classes with the power rating of the 2.5-metric ton class. Due to this, it has more lift capacity at a low weight and compact dimensions. This makes it strong and flexible in transport as well as when changing positions. The high excavating and tractive power increases the machine’s productivity, saving time simultaneously. The powerful drive system, together with the intelligent cooling system, allow efficient working cycles, even at high ambient temperatures. Thanks to the generously arranged cab design, the operator has enough freedom of movement for head and legs. The ergonomic seat, individually adjustable, also makes fatigue-free working possible. A variety of options is available for the ET24. The excavator can thus be configured completely according to the customer’s requirements.

Tracked Conventional Excavator  ET24

Comfortable, fully glazed cab

  • The large, fully glazed and tiltable cabin with roof window offers the operator an optimal 360° visibility of his work area. This gives the operator a good view of his working area, colleagues and any dangers. Meanwhile, available despite this.
  • It can be easily disassembled for service and repair work. All hydraulic functions of the excavator meanwhile remain available despite this.
Tracked Conventional Excavator  ET24

Hydraulically pilot-controlled travel pedals

  • The hydraulically pilot-controlled travel pedals provide comfortable and precise control without mechanical wear. Driving with foot control leaves the hands free for other functions. This saves time and increases operating comfort.

More Features

Tracked Conventional Excavator  ET24

2 lifting lugs on the roof

  • The machine can be moved on the construction site very easily without problems using a crane. Also, loading and unloading the excavator from the truck can be done quickly.
Tracked Conventional Excavator  ET24

Second cabin door for entry and exit on both sides

  • The excavator cabin can be optionally equipped with a second driver’s door. This makes getting in and out easier, especially in narrow or sloped spaces.
EZ26 trailer transportation

Easy transport by car trailer

  • With the car trailer to the next construction site? No problem - the low weight allows transport incl. attachment tools by means of a 3.5 t trailer.

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