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Wacker Neuson in North America

Wacker Neuson has been established in North America for more than 60 years. In 1957, the company began the production and marketing of construction equipment in the US and was the company's first foreign affiliate. Wacker Neuson has been active in Canada for 50 years. The name "Wacker" has stood for the rammer in the United States for six decades. "When I meet people in the industry, I always hear about the 'Wacker Packer', which is synonymous with the rammer," reports Johannes Schulze Vohren, Regional President of Wacker Neuson North America. "Compaction has been the focus of the Wacker Neuson offering for many years and is still important to our product portfolio. However, what many people do not yet realize is that Wacker Neuson has gotten bigger! The company today is much more than a manufacturer of construction equipment. We have an extensive offer that reaches from internal vibrators for concrete compaction to a 15-ton excavator and also includes various services."

Capital city:Washington D.C.
Official languages:English
Surface:9,826,675 km² (3,794,100 sq mi)
Currency:US dollar
Head of government: Donald Trump
Capital city:Ottawa
Official languages:English, French
Surface:9,984,670 km²
Currency:Canadian dollar
Head of government: Justin Trudeau

With the growing business success in North America, in 1986 the construction of a larger design, development and production facility in Menomonee Falls near Milwaukee was invested in, which today comprises a total area of 50,096 square meters (539,238 square feet). This is where the headquarters of Wacker Neuson North America is located. The company includes the sales organization, logistics, two production plants and two sales points in Canada. The Menomonee Falls location produces Wacker Neuson compaction rollers, pumps and generators to supply job sites, trowels for concrete surface finishing and since 2015, skid steer loaders. The machines previously came from Europe, but now six high-quality, powerful skid steer loaders and four compact track loaders are designed, developed and produced here. North America is the world's largest sales market for this product group. Due to the production relocation, the design and development is even closer to the customer and can meet the needs of the market in a targeted manner. To offer heaters and air dehumidifiers appropriate for job sites, the company acquired Ground Heaters, Inc. in 2006, a leading manufacturer of mobile hydronic heaters. These have been produced in the newly built Wacker Neuson production facility in Norton Shores since 2008.Lighting technology is also produced here. In Canada, Wacker Neuson works out of Toronto and Calgary and manages the Canadian dealer network from these locations. In 2017, the company was celebrating its 50-year anniversary here. Wacker Neuson solutions have long been used in industrial companies, municipalities, gardening and landscaping, and in the oil and gas industry in addition to the building industry. The oil and gas industry plays a significant role for Wacker Neuson in North America. Heaters in particular, lighting technology and generators are frequently used in this industry.

"Wacker Neuson relies on a global organizational structure with regional responsibility. The focus is on providing solutions that best meet the local market requirements."

Johannes Schulze Vohren, Regional President Wacker Neuson Nordamerika

Global structure with regional responsibility

"Wacker Neuson relies on a global organizational structure with regional responsibility. The focus is on providing solutions that best meet the local market requirements," says Mr. Schulze Vohren. "Our younger initiatives here in North America include the expansion of our dealer network, the expansion of the co-operation with financial service providers, our after-market organization and of course, the continuous expansion of the portfolio with innovative solutions."

Training sessions for the sales team, contract dealers and contractors take place regularly in the Wacker Neuson Technical Academy, which opened in 2000. During special seminars, participants can try out the machines for themselves. The regular dealer meetings in Milwaukee are also highly appreciated. The meetings create proximity between the manufacturer and dealers, and promote a dialog. Since 2014, there has been a dealer program, the Certified Dealer Program, which is meant to qualify dealers in terms of technical training sessions, service, spare parts and the brand appearance for the Wacker Neuson offering. "The close link to our dealers strengthens the business relationship, creates trust and gives us an insight into the opinions and requirements of the market. In this way, we can constantly improve ourselves with respect to technology, quality and service," concludes Mr. Schulze Vohren.